Reese 65051 Front Mount Receiver with 2

Front mounted hitch receivers allow a variety of accessories to be mounted on the front of trucks, vans, or SUV’s to perform tasks that make outdoor adventures and activities easier and more fun. Accessories are easily interchanged, so the receiver is a practical and versatile addition to sporting and work vehicles. All front mount receivers have a 2” square receiver tube opening and all attachments are J-Pin ready. Front mounted receivers offer a secure and useful attachment point and offer 9000 lbs. of line pull and 500 lbs. vertical load. The METALSHIELD protective coating process is a three step finish consisting of a rust inhibiting primer, dipped E-coat electrostatic coating to insure total finish coverage and finally an outer powder coat finish for durability. The METALSHIELD process is an OEM compatible finish providing the best corrosion protection over brands that use only powder coat on their products. Install time is an estimated 25 minutes and requires 17n, 18mm, and 7/8″ wrenches. Hitch crosstube is visible beneath bumper. Skid shield must be removed if present.
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